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Smilonia TetrisFree - a new tetris in the game engine which added elements of the strategy. It is possible to switch levels during the game by the player at his discretion an unlimited number of times. Levels are switched during pauses. Pauses are used for this. The player can receive additional pauses by mining pauses and bonuses. The mining zone can be floating. The player himself decides whether to seek him a mining zone or not. This is part of the strategy. Graphic design of the game includes the use of smiles. Smiles are selected by the game engine from the set in random order. The set of smileys is not fixed and can be replenished in the future, including an unlimited number of avatars.
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Unfortunately, your result does not allow you to enter the. However, everyone in Smilonia hopes that the process of the game has brought you pleasure. In the end, not happiness is in points. Not only in points. You can try again at any time.
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Your result points. This allows you to add an entry to Top 100 . You can fill in the text fields. It's not obligatory. If the 'nickname ' field is not filled, the void will be replaced by 'anonym '. 'Email ' the player is not under any circumstances transferred to anyone and not used for mailings. This record can be used by only by the player for self-identification when receiving prizes and gifts from Smilonia
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Smilonia is not a country. Smilonia — the whole world. A world of pure, universal emotion. They say that people express emotions with emoticons. They say ... smiles are innumerable. They say ... they move with unthinkable speed. Otherwise, how can you explain that smileys everywhere keep up. They are in the luxurious villas of the rich and in the huts of the poor, in airplanes, trains, hotels, schools, on the streets and in houses & mdash; everywhere. Each smile can be simultaneously in billions of seats. And all this in our world, what are they in their world, in Smilonia? Impossible to present, remains just try to peek. Let's try together.

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